Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor
Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor
Feather Flamingo

Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor

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The Skin protection stainless Steel Razor eyebrow thinner/trimmer is used to protect women's delicate and sensitive skin.
This eyebown Razor removes the fine hairs of the eyebrown neck and face as well as other areas.
Stainless steel razor has safety cover attached to each blade to protect a woman's sensitive skin and prevent the blade from cutting too closely.
1. Remove the safety cap from the razor.
2. Glide the razor softly downward. Don't press too hard.
3. Apply shaving cream if necessary.
4. after use, be sure fold over for safety. Keep it out of children's reach.

  • Perfect precision touch-up tool for your face
  • 3pcs feather flamingo eyebrow razors
  • Removes the fine hairs from the eyebrow, neck, and face
  • Made In Japan
  • Keep out of Children's reach